Business in UK

Business in UK

There are some alternatives to the UK entrepreneur visa that usually requires an investment of £200,000. Businesses and business owners should consider whether it may be possible to come under the Tier 2 sponsorship licence scheme or representative of an overseas business or Turkish businessperson visa.

Details on Tier 1 visas for investors and entrepreneurs can be found in our Tier 1 visa section. For other UK business visas which are not included in the 5 Tier system please see below.

UK Business Visas

There are also some UK visas which allow businesspeople to enter the UK for a limited time in order to take part in permitted paid engagements, such as meetings and seminars, or to represent their business in some other way.

The following business visa categories may be worth considering for those who can't or don't want to come under the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa scheme.

  • Representative of an Overseas Business visa For businesspeople coming to the UK to set up the first UK branch or subsidiary of an overseas company. The representative must be a senior employee of the overseas company, but must not be a major shareholder. The UK business must be wholly owned by the overseas company. This visa also allows overseas journalists on long-term assignment to enter the UK.This is a long term visa which can lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.
  • Turkish Businessperson visa For Turkish nationals coming to the UK to establish a new business or to help run an existing one. Businesspeople on this visa cannot work in another job in the UK. This is a long term visa which can lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.
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